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Tons of Fun!
These little guys pack a punch! You will never run out of things to shoot at with these if you like destroying stuff. This is the way to go! personally i like to take a full can of soda shake it up good set it n shoot it from a distance, and watch the explosive action. ( But!!! keep a real close eye on where the dart goes!) (Always wear safety glasses if this is attempted.) Also rodents dont stand a chance! My buddy and I have been Pack Rat hunting with them already. Tons of Fun!   The darts ARE a little brittle so try not to shoot really hard stuff like bricks :)
From: | Date: 7/11/2011 10:46 PM
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The most fun you can have with your Big Bore
Despite feeling fairly light in hand and shooting with a surprisingly flat trajectory, the all-plastic Stun Dart weighs in at 4.9 grams, making it the big bore heavyweight—nearly 25% heavier than even the metal-shafted Mini Broad Head. Although this dart doesn’t serve very well as a target dart, it’s a blast to shoot for just about everything else. Fun targets include tin cans, stuffed animals, or anything else it would be entertaining to lob a “thumper” at. It’s heavy enough to work light firearm “spinner” targets. This solid-nosed dart also has the inertia to punch right through aluminum soda cans. The black plastic nose is pretty tough—I’ve seen it get run over and survive the experience intact. The orange tail cone, on the other hand, is thin hard plastic; hitting a wall or something similarly hard may crack or shatter it. Plinking around the yard instead of at a target backstop also means you’ll lose some of these, though the bright orange cone is a real help in recovery operations. As a result, I consider this dart to be somewhat more disposable than other dart types. My advice? Buy extras—because the Stun Dart is hands-down the most fun you can have with your big bore blowgun.
From: Guest | Date: 8/10/2013 3:20 PM
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