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Product reviews for 4 Foot Blowgun (.625)

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Truly, Not A Toy!
This is an outdoors men's friend and survival aid. You'll know this the moment you hold it in your hands and feel the weight of this metal blowgun. This alone makes it a great fighting staff, spear shaft, fishing lance and hiking stick (like the owner of this site stated in his video, change the rubber cap with a better one if used as a walking staff)! You also have one tent pole on the ready and with the curve mouth piece, a riffle rest or camera brace.
Although easy to use, it takes time to master shooting skills. Start off with the free stun darts just to get use to holding the blowgun's weight. Cold Steel makes a much better version of the stun dart made of a black plastic that's like a hallow point tip which is great for small game & birds.
All the other darts can be dangerous and used in hunting! The Bamboo, Mini Broad Head, Broad Head (made for hunting) can fly at high speeds with lots of power. I had a Bamboo dart enter a tree stump after passing through a paper target on a cardboard box in front of the stump. Cone came off in the box, Bamboo dart entered tree about 1.5" from approx.. 25 feet away. To me, that's impressive for a thin stick of Bamboo!
This blowgun could put food on the fire if your outing becomes a "survival adventure."
You'll need a safe way to transport your darts (I use a "Viewtainer") and you if your use this for survival, you should pick up the "Razor Broad Head" darts sold here for one shot, one kill of small game. The Mini Broad Head & Bamboo should work for fishing but I wasn't near any water to try it.

NOTE: Because the blowgun is metal, when not in use I keep it stored in a silicone treated shotgun gun sock.
From: | Date: 12/19/2010 9:08 PM
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The bantam big-bore
I’ll introduce this review by mentioning that my wife and I own 6 Cold Steel Big Bores, every model but the 5 Foot Two-Piece (functionally equivalent to the 5 Foot standard). The review part is easy—each model gets a full 5 stars. These are top-quality products, each one a solid performer in its respective category. The only real question is, “Which one should you pick?” The rest of this review will answer that. My reviews for the other models are identical, with all the information listed below. NOTE:  A longer blowgun will be easier to aim, give higher dart velocities, and therefore more range. Consider this when evaluating these other factors.

--5 Foot:  Probably the best all-around choice, and a good hunting model. Balance is also good. Default to this model if none of the comments listed under the other blowguns apply to you.
--5 Foot Two-Piece:  (Again, I don’t own this one.) Functionally equivalent to the 5 Foot; an excellent choice where break-down portability is desired. This is the only two-piece blowgun anywhere that I can recommend; by all accounts the connection is secure and straight.
--5 Foot Professional:  Nearly twice as heavy as the standard 5 Foot; a good hunting choice, or where rough conditions will occur. Steadier to aim; however, this one was too heavy for me for extended shooting sessions (more than half an hour nonstop shooting). Excellent sturdy walking staff.

--4 Foot:  A good choice for women and youths, who find the shorter length easier to handle and blow. If purchasing for this reason I also recommend the Bamboo Darts which are very light and easy to blow.
--4 Foot Professional:  If you’re an adult male opting not to go with a 5-footer for any reason, go with this one over the 4 Foot standard. Good choice for a hunting blowgun if a shorter length is needed for carrying in dense woods, or for transporting to and from shooting locations (but consider the 5 Foot Two-Piece first if the latter is your reason). Weight is almost twice that of the standard 4 Foot but manageable during extended shooting sessions. This choice is more durable, and steadier to aim. Balance is very good. Excellent sturdy walking staff.

Hope this helps!

--Review by BigBoreBlowgunner.
From: Guest | Date: 8/10/2013 7:52 PM
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