What is a Cold Steel Sword Second?
To begin with, a sword "second" can be defined as sword that came from our manufacturer and does not meet our standards of quality. The quality issues are generally cosmetic and do not affect the performance potential of a Sword Second. For example the heat treatment and edge holding ability of a Cold Steel Sword Second have not been compromised or diminished.

Think of when you go to a factory outlet store and buy a pair of jeans. Jeans usually sell very well, so you won't find overstock or closeouts being sold out at an outlet store. What you will find are seconds or to use the language the stores use, "irregulars". The jeans might have an unsightly imperfection in the fabric or one leg might be 2 centimeters longer than the other. Small, cosmetic problems, yet the jeans are still useable, still can be worn as they were meant to be and used as intended. It is not that the jeans are defective they are just flawed. It is the same with a Cold Steel Sword Second.

What should I know if I decide to purchase a Cold Steel Sword Second?
You should also know that all sales of Sword Seconds are final. They are sold without any warranty and we will not accept returns for any reason, under any circumstances at any time. However, at our extremely low prices, we feel confident that our customers will be receiving outstanding value for their money.

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Aluminum Head Sword Cane Seconds

 NOT available for residents of CA and WI
Blade Length: 25 3/4"
Overall Length: 37 5/8"
Steel: 1055 Carbon
Weight: 25.3 oz w/ shaft
Head: 6160 Aluminum
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